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Privacy Notice

In of "cookies"
Complies with recent legislation, we will show you how we use "cookies" is, learn more about mobile applications and mobile sites. We take privacy very seriously, and in 1998 the Data Protection Act registration information to manage For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Cookies are what?
Unfortunately, these "cookies" is not a chocolate chip varieties! We use cookies on our site are collected through a web browser when you visit certain pages of small files stored on your computer, phone or tablet. Do not worry, the cookies will not harm your computer and our cookie does not contain personal information such as credit card information. We use these to collect encrypted data to help so that we can get by saving between the basket of items, remember preferences, and to remember you when you visit our site, and we can enhance your experience on our site, identify and correct errors.

To ensure that you get the best online shopping experience when using our site, you'll want to take your computer, tablet or phone from all Cookie and with carefully selected partners. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to prevent this. Each browser is different, so check the specific browser (or the phone manual) "Help" menu to learn how to change your cookie preferences. If you delete your browser's cookie, you can not buy items on our website (you can still browse the site).

Our cookie does not store sensitive information, such as name, address or payment details: They only think about the use of our Site chaining reference. Here are all the cookies we use, we use what they list.

Basic Biscuits - Cookies allow us to act Without these cookies, you can not add products to your shopping cart by signing in to your account, you can change the size of the product and the integrity of the procurement website. If you do not accept these cookies, you can change your browser settings to do this.

Analysis Cookie - Cookie those anonymous data (which is not traceable to any particular person), how the site is used to monitor the performance of the site: Click to contact the person, looking at and what products to buy, etc. And so on..

Insights Biscuits - Offered through better content and services to a website Decibel idea of ​​social network analysis service. DB Insight may record mouse movements and rolling motion, as well as the basic form of interact with the site. We can share insights dB information. The data may not be used because other than to provide services. Continue on this site you agree to the use of decibel Insight to share information. Db idea does not keep track of various other third-party sites in your browsing habits. Further information about the decibel insight practice, please visit their privacy policies. You can visit their website decibel monitoring insight exit.

Tracking Cookie - Cookie used to monitor the impact of their entire online marketing. In addition, the information anonymously and give us a chance to visit other sites (for example, newspaper pages, search engines, social networks, etc.) ad is clicked.

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